Principal Designer 

Under the new CDM regulations which came into force in 2015, all construction projects must have a Principal Designer. Broadly, the role of the Principal Designer is to take responsibility for planning, managing, and monitoring all issues relating to health and safety, up to the appointment of the Principal Contractor. They must be up to date with all the latest requirements from the HSE and act as the lead coordinator with the contractor engaged on any construction project.

Principal Designer services that are fully integrated into your project

The Principal Designer is appointed by the client at the outset of the design phase and is therefore an integral member of the design team. The Principal Designer acts on behalf of the client and takes on the legal responsibility for managing risks to health and safety throughout the design phase of the project.

This is a service which CAD Architects can provide to any of its residential, commercial or leisure development customers in South West England. As part of our normal appointment we will discuss this role with you and decide how we can best help you meet the required statutory duties.