Planning Permission

Let CAD Architects take the stress out of your application for Planning Permission.

Most new buildings will require planning permission, as will any major alterations to existing buildings. At this stage, many people will ask: Do I need help with my planning application, and from whom?

At CAD Architects, we can guarantee to make the process run much more smoothly and efficiently than by going it alone. Our multi-disciplinary practice offers expertise in architectural design, planning, heritage, landscape design and civil engineering – allowing us to identify and prepare all the information needed to help you achieve planning success.

CAD Architects assist with a variety of planning submissions, from simple householder applications to more complex cases including the variation of planning conditions, non-material amendments (NMA’s), listed building consent, prior approvals, and lawful development certificates, to name a few.

Our dedicated planning division, CAD Planning offer standalone planning consultancy services including specialist planning statements. They can also support and submit planning appeals for proposals developed by external design teams.  

Crucial upfront advice on building regulations.

We are experts in building effective planning strategies.

With our extensive experience in dealing with local authorities, we can offer up front advice on the issues that your application will need to address. This will inform the design process and identify other actions to take before the application is submitted. Issues to address might include flood risk, land contamination, financial contributions, landscape designations, biodiversity, protected species or impacts on nearby heritage assets.

Each local authority has a large number of criteria against which it assesses whether a project is suitable for approval, including national, local and neighbourhood planning policies. We can explain these to you, and how they interact, to help remove a lot of the worry from the process.

The requirements of the Building Regulations can be complex to interpret – but our extensive experience of technical design matters ensures your planning approval will account for all which are relevant to your project.

The partner you need throughout the planning application process.

CAD Architects will manage your planning application to help you achieve the best outcomes. We will submit the planning application on your behalf and keep you updated on its progress. We will monitor the consultation processes which run during the application determination period and work to address any issues which arise from them. We liaise with the appointed Planning Officer and negotiate the wordings of any conditions due to be attached to your approval, to help make the delivery of the project as smooth as possible.

In the current planning environment, engagement with parish and town councils, as well as the public, is an essential element of any application. CAD Architects have a wealth of experience in arranging and conducting presentations to, and consultations with, councillors and the public across the South West of England.

With our detailed understanding of the local planning regime, and our wide experience across the residential, commercial and leisure sectors, CAD Architects can be your ideal partner in seeking planning permission for your project.