Measured Survey and Drawings

In the case of existing buildings, and to ensure that all our designs proceed from a sound and accurate basis, we need to conduct measured surveys of the client’s property.

The details from measured surveys enable us to establish the precise dimensions, materials and details of construction of the building, which can then form the basis of our architectural drawings, proposals and cost estimates.

Measured building surveys for planning applications

Before we submit a project for Detailed Planning we have to produce detailed architectural drawings and technical drawings using the latest CAD (computer-aided design) software. These are an essential component of any project, allowing for timely progression through the Planning and Building Control approvals process.

Measured building surveys for listed buildings

In particular, any listed building application will require a detailed record of the building and the building’s components, such as windows, fireplaces and stairs. Careful recording of such details is an essential part of any listed building application.

We can handle any type of property.

At CAD Architects, we are highly experienced in conducting measured building surveys and creating architectural drawings, having done this work successfully for a wide range of residential, commercial and leisure clients in South West England.