Building Regulation Application 

We have been liaising with local authority building control departments and private providers in South West England for many years. So, we have built up a good working knowledge of the specific strengths and focus of the many different providers. CAD Architects has a strong track record in building detailing, building regulation application and building regulation approval.

Careful preparation of your building regulation application

For any building regulation application, we create detailed plans and explanatory notes that specify exactly how the building will be constructed. As well as building safety and structural issues, these show the exact materials that will be used and how the proposed construction will comply with all the relevant building regulations. Your building regulation application will also be examined to ensure that the proposed structure meets with all the other statutory requirements, such as health and safety and disabled access.

All the expert advice you need.

The Building Control Officer will visit the site at various points during the build, to ensure that everything is being carried out as specified in your building regulation approval.

Our expert team will explain to you how your project will be affected by building regulation application and give advice on the actions that need to be taken. We make sure that these requirements are factored into any project that we undertake in the West Country.