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The need to engage with the community, stakeholders, Parish, Town and City Councils has never been more important in the planning process. Any major development will require the applicant to produce a “Statement of Community Involvement”.

CAD Architects as a matter of routine engage with the community, stakeholders, neighbours and local councils. Early consultation can prevent misconception and mitigate any negative impacts or negative momentum.

Architectural consultancy for flagship projects.

An excellent example of this is a scheme for 85 dwellings at Trispen/St Erme. Through a series of consultation events with the Parish Council and the Public, CAD Architects managed to satisfy the Parish Council that the benefits of the scheme out-weighed any negative impacts and gain their support for the planning application.

We value constructive dialogue

Buildings are the skeleton of our society, they make places we want or need to visit, they provide places for essential services as well as for our leisure; collectively they create external spaces which we use to move around or in which to sit and socialise. The fabric of our society is inextricably bound to the built fabric of our environment.

CAD Architects understand the importance of the above relationships and the need for everyone to have the opportunity to comment upon proposals that impact them or their community.

The following pages include information on the significant schemes the practice is working on and where we have carried out or are in the process of Public Consultation. We do value a constructive dialogue with those interested in what we do and with those affected by proposals for development. We look forward to reading your comments.