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Draft guidance has now been issued for the new CDM Regulations which, it is expected, will become effective from April 2015. The main changes can be summarised as follows:

1. CDM Co-ordinators role to be replaced with that of the Principal Designer (PD). The PD will be expected to carry out all the duties that a CDM-C now undertakes during the pre-construction stage, and also produce the Health & Safety File on completion.

2. In one section of the HSE proposals it is stated the threshold for appointment of co-ordinators (i.e. Principal Designers) comes about for all projects where there is going to be more than one contractor on site. The term ‘contractor’, means any trade sub-contractor. In which case the ’main contractor’ will become the ‘principal contractor’ and take on duties as now.

3. The regulations will apply to works for ‘domestic’ clients. However, a domestic client will not be expected to carry the burden of CDM 2015, as this duty will fall on the contractor or principal contractor if there is more than one contractor on site. In some circumstances the domestic client may arrange for the PD to carry out the duties.


4. Replacement of the Code of Practice with targeted guidance.

5. New competence rules will replace the existing criteria in CDM 2007 which refer to specific requirements and have caused a great deal of unnecessary bureaucracy. The matter of competence will still feature in CDM 2015 but is expected to be simplified.

6. Notification threshold will now apply to projects lasting more than 30 days and where more than 20 operatives are working simultaneously on site, or exceeding 500 person days.

7. Transitional arrangements following the implementation of CDM 2015 will mean all existing projects will be deemed to be working under the new Regulations. The Principal Contractor will remain the same and the only other requirement will be for the client to appoint a PD as soon as it is practically possible.


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